Get insurance anywhere in the world

International Cover

We offer International covers from major players in the International Medical Insurance industry, which range from affordable regional covers to top class worldwide medical covers.

You can be insured at home and also when travelling to any part of the world.

If you are a member of an International medical scheme, you will be covered worldwide with the exception of the USA.

International members receive a worldwide hospitals guide and have the benefit of seeking treatment at world-class medical facilities in almost every country of the world.

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Corporate Cover for your employees

Corporate Cover

We offer cover for companies with over 3 employees (minimum requirement). Cover can be provided to the employee and their dependants (parents, wife, children). Our clients range from small family owned businesses to large corporations.
Our International covers provide excellent benefits and high overall annual limits which are very appealing to most companies, especially for Directors and Senior level employees. Worldwide cover would ensure that your employees are covered, even when travelling on business trips.
Group schemes are generally discounted and cheaper than Individual covers. Groups of over 5 employees (principal applicants) can be given a higher corporate discount. Please visit the Free Quotes section of this website for a Group/Company quotation.
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Protect your family with an in-patient and/or out-patient medical cover

Family Cover

Apart from Individual health insurance, we can also help you insure your family medically, providing you with peace of mind as to their well-being.
Our covers offer a wide range of benefits and you can choose the level of cover that suits your family’s needs, both from an affordability and benefit point of view. From In-patient only cover to full in & out-patient cover, we can help guide you which cover to take as per your individual needs.
Please visit the Free Quotes section of this website for a free Health Insurance quote for your family. You may contact us for more information on the type of Health plans we offer.
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Oil & Gas

Bupa offers a specialist health insurance plan for companies who work in the oil and gas industry. With 3 levels of cover: Gold, Classic and Essential.


Provides key coverage for:
  • in-patient costs (including surgery, diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment)
  • out-patient surgical operations


Covers you for:
  • in-patient and day case stays in hospital
  • out-patient care such as consultations, diagnostic tests, X-rays
  • treatment by therapists and complementary medical practitioners


Our highest level provides cover for:
  • in-patient and out-patient care
  • family doctor treatment
  • prescribed drugs and dressings costs
  • accident-related dental treatment
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Maritime cover

Maritime Yatching Plan

These are some of the benefits of the Bupa Global maritime yachting plan:
  • worldwide out-patient consultation and treatment cover
  • in-patient treatment cover
  • 24-hour multi-lingual medical helpline
  • access to over 200,000 providers worldwide
  • optional evacuation and USA cover
  • track your claims, update your details and view your policy documents via Bupa MembersWorld website
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