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Covering you irrespective
of where you are


Covering every employee
of every rank


Ensuring that all your loved one
are always safe

  • International Cover

    We offer International covers from major players in the International Medical Insurance industry, which range from affordable regional covers to top class worldwide medical covers. You can be insured at home and also when travelling to any part of the world...
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  • Corporate Cover

    We offer cover for companies with over 3 employees (minimum requirement). Cover can be provided to the employee and their dependants (parents, wife, children). Our clients range from small family owned businesses to large corporations...
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  • Family Cover

    We offer a wide range of benefits and you can choose the level of cover that suits your family’s needs, both from an affordability and benefit point of view. From In-patient only cover to full in & out-patient cover, we can help guide you which cover...
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